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Hurricane Shutters hurricane shutters provide you with hurricane protection for your home or business. The end retention system built into our shutters eliminates the need for storm bars. Our hurricane shutters exceed even the toughest standards required by both international and domestic building codes. Take a look below to see the options available and contact us today to protect your home or office.

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Model: SHT100


Model: SHT200




• Manual Operation - Pull Up or Pull Down

• Hand Crank

Curtain Material

• Aluminum

• Insulated Polyurethane

• Electric Motor

Curtain Finish

• Powder Coated

• Anodized

Hurricane Shutter FAQ

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters Cost

Our hurricane shutters provide not just safety to your home or business but added protection, stability and privacy, while keeping a clean appearance. They are made to withstand the strongest winds and torrential downpours. Prices for hurricane rated doors tend to be higher than non hurricane rated doors but can provide discounts when it comes to insurance premiums and repair costs. 

Hurricane shutter material costs can range between $350 and $550 compared to basic shutters which range from $350 to $450.  These prices tend to be for lower quality shutters that do not provide the same insulation and privacy that our high quality shutters provide.

For the best quality with proper insulation and a beautiful finish expect to pay anywhere between $450 and $700.  Motorized operation would also increase the cost but would provide you with additional security to where you could control your home from a mobile device or centralized home command system

Shutter Cost Factors

The suggested prices above are a great starting point. Although there are a few factors that can adjust your cost. The factors below can be used when deciding how to recieve an estimate for your project.


The largest contributer to your price is the cost of materials.  Similar to flooring or countertops, the base material used will be the largest factor contributing to the cost. With our shutters we provide two options, aluminum and insulated polyurethane. These two options do not have a large variance in pricing. 

Window Size

Various companies charge per window and other charge by total square feet. When charging per square feet you will usually pay more for your larger windows. Custom sizes can also account for a large cost per window. So expect to have a higher cost if you have windows that have curves or are custom shaped.


A traditional window size will carry a lower price over custom requests. If there is a traditional fixed exterior shutter in white or galvanized then you could expect to pay on the lower end of the spectrum. Alternatively if you opt for additional features, motorized and in custom colors, it will increase the price. As well as custom handcrafted options.